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    While the country seeks officers to bridge the relations between the police force and everyday people, it’s proven to be no easy task. Experienced Law Enforcement Officer and author Col. KL Williams is combatting this problem in his new book The Broken Badge: Re-thinking Police & Community Relations in America [June 15th, 2018]. 



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    Is there a need for the community to build a better relationship with the Police

    Services Offered

    Services Offered For Community Organizations


    • Know your rights workshop & facilitate community events
    • Profiling & the pre-textual stop
    • Re- building the relationship
    • What is biased policing
    • Leadership development
    • Self-defense training

    Services Offered For Law Enforcement


    • Racially & Culturally Biased Policing
    • Judgement and Discretion with Accountability
    • Training and Recruitment
    • Improving Community & Police Involvement
    • Defensive Tactics Training

    Reasonable Alternatives to the Use of Deadly Force

    Lecture Series

    The Evolution of Police Culture

    Honesty  Accountability Transparency 

    Town Hall Meetings

    Groups Trained


    • St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
    • Pinell Country Sheriff’s Department Florence, Arizona
    • Barnes Jewish Hospital St. Louis Missouri
    • Division of Juvenile Courts St. Louis, Missouri
    • May Company Department Stores
    • Department of the Treasury Criminal Investigation Division
    • Minimum Security Institution / Department of Corrections St. Louis, Mo
    • St. Louis Board of Education Security Officers
    • Joyce Meyer Ministry World Headquarters Security Officers


    • St. Louis Housing Authority Security Officers
    • NAACP Casa Grande, Arizona
    • The Hispanic Council Casa Grande, Arizona
    • St. Louis Connect Care Hospital
    • Cardinal Glennon Hospital St. Louis, MO
    • St. Louis, Missouri Sheriff’s Department
    • A. G. Edwards & Sons Inc. Security Staff
    • U. S. Justice Department Office of the Police Corps